Column and Boom Manipulators


Bode Column & Boom Manipulators are built to 8 different designs since it is not possible to cover the whole range of machines from a single design. The ergonomic design of BODE manipulators ensures operator safety, and excellent welding results with maximum productivity.

The groups below have been developed over many years of experience; each covers a range of sizes with desired weight to be carried at the end of boom. In developing the different groups we have taken into consideration the very exacting requirements under which a Manipulator might have to operate. This applies particularly to boom deflection when in it's highest and most extended position; bearing in mind the heavy weight is sometimes carried on the boom. Automatic welding heads are designed to be mounted on a robust vibrationless structure, and by mounting the welding head on a Column and Boom Manipulator it can be readily brought to the required welding position and moved along the weld preparation at the required welding speed.


The Manipulator comprises four essential components:

• Free Standing Base, or column travel carriage
• Column
• Saddle
• Boom

Column is supported on a heavy duty crossroll Bearings permitting 360 degrees rotation. Boom is supported on rollers incorporated in the saddle, and is traversed horizontally through a thyristor controlled at stepless welding speeds.

The saddle also incorporates additional rollers to enable it to be traversed up the column sideways.

Since the boom traverse and boom elevation mechanism are incorporated in the Saddle, servicing can be carried out from floor level.

The Column rotates on a large diameter pre-loaded crossroll bearing reducing deflection to a minimum.

Each of the Boom and Saddle supporting rollers are provided with two pre-loaded Timken bearings, which are carried on eccentric shafts to facilitate accurate setting and ensure vibrationless movement.

The final drive of the saddle elevation and boom traverse is through rack and pinion, thus eliminating chains.

Travel carriage and boom traverse are controlled from a common thyristor, through a changeover switch incorporated in the column controls.

The heavy duty machines can be provided with an access ladder fitted to the column, cross-over bridge and welders walkway fitted the total length of the boom, and welder's platform at boom end.

A fail-safe device is fitted to the Saddle making it impossible for the Boom to fail, and which locks the boom saddle securely at any point, should the counterbalance wire rope fail.

Limit switches are provided to restrict the boom elevation and the boom traverse movement.


Which will increase the versatility of your Manipulator:

All motions: boom travel, boom elevation and column carriage traverse are available with constant or stepless welding speed drives.
Motorised column rotation.
Access ladder fitted to column, cross-over bridge and welder's walkway fitted the total length of the boom, together with the welder's platform at end of bottom.
Laytrough to enable operator to be with the arc.
Seat to enable operator to be over the workpiece.
For strip cladding a 2-speed drive can be incorporated to provide very slow traverse speeds.
Column carriage traverse.
Shelf for power source.
Wipers for slideways, and rail tracks (TRC or TRCX).
Flux recovery/re-cycling systems.
Rear mounted wire reel and insulated tube through boom.
Flashing light at top of column and end of boom.
Torque limiters for all drives to prevent damage in case of a blockage.
Four detachable stabilising jacks (RC., TRC., & TRCX).
'Anti-Tip' clamps which locate round the track rails (TRC & TRCX).
Tacho speed meter indicating mm./min. can be provided for the variable speed drives.
Column off-set on base (TRC & TRCX only) to ensure that welding head is central to track in 180 degrees positions.


Column & Boom type RC-TRC



Column & Boom type RC X - TRC X



Column & Boom type 2-3 RMB



Column & Boom Fixed length


F. Bode & Sons Ltd reserve the right to change designs and specifications.